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MOX, the “Mobile-Only Accelerator” of SOSV, was established in Taipei in January 2016. SOSV – The Accelerator VC – is a US-based venture fund with US$300M assets under management operating eight global accelerator programs: MOX for mobile (Taipei), IndieBio and RebelBio for biotech (San Francisco, Cork), HAX and HAX Boost for hardware (Shenzhen, San Francisco), Chinaccelerator for Internet (Shanghai), and Urban-X for smart cities and Food-X for food tech (NYC). SOSV invests in over 150 companies per year and over its two-decade history has a net realized IRR of over 30%, putting it in the top 5% of private equity managers in the world. Learn more about MOX & SOSV here:


MOX為台灣第一家國際創業加速器, 其背後推手矽谷創投SOSV管理著全球規模3億美金,在紐約、愛爾蘭科克、舊金山、台北、上海以及深圳設立了八家專注不同領域的創業加速器。透過集合頂尖導師、投資人與合作夥伴資源,MOX致力於培育來自全球各地的應用程式、行動平台與行動服務相關的新創團隊,協助打入新興國家智慧型手機市場,預計將能滿足全球40億智慧型手機人口的需求。了解更多MOX與SOSV相關資訊,請參考官方網站: