Brand Communications Manager (Marketing & PR) at Phable

Brand Communications Manager (Marketing & PR)

We’re looking for a Brand Communications Manager who will handle our marketing and PR activities, closely monitor our branding awareness and direction, and ideate and implement strategies to improve our impact in the public domain.

As our Brand Communications Manager, you’ll be responsible for outlining our communications and PR strategy, draft communication guidelines, manage external agency relationships, and ensure effective compliance both online and offline.

You’ll also be expected to create and oversee KPIs for our communications and PR strategy, and present weekly and monthly reports for all ongoing campaigns.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Ideating and implementing a strong brand communications strategy
  2. Ideating and implementing effective public relations policies and strategy
  3. Crafting creative public relations campaign ideas and programs
  4. Planning and managing the budget for communication and PR initiatives
  5. Creating guidelines for communication and ensuring maximum compliance
  6. Reviewing PR announcements (design+copy) and all brand collateral
  7. Outlining measurable KPIs for all PR and communications activities
  8. Presenting weekly/monthly reports on the KPIs, objectives and outcomes
  9. Managing media relations, and relations with all external agencies
  10. Aligning the direction of both the internal team and external stakeholders
  11. Monitoring the brand image 24×7, and suggesting constant improvements
  12. Identifying and implementing real-time branding and PR opportunities
  13. Managing event planning and community sponsorships
  14. Building the PR team and hiring new members and interns
  15. Leading crisis management with effective strategies

Requirements & Qualifications

  1. 5-10 years of work experience as PR Specialist or manager
  2. Degree in communications, PR or any relevant field
  3. A portfolio of successful PR campaigns (mandatory)
  4. Enthusiasm and strong communication skills
  5. Experience in managing small teams
  6. Experience in managing media and agency relationships
  1. Effective time management skills
  2. Public speaking skills, willingness to be the face of the brand

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If you are interested, please email your CV and Cover Letter to