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MOX Launches Eight Startups into Emerging Markets with its Latest Demo Day

March 7, 2017 (Taipei, Taiwan)   MOX, the Taipei-based accelerator that propels mobile app startups into the world’s emerging markets, graduates its second batch on March 7. For the last three months, MOX has accelerated eight startups from India, Vietnam, Thailand, Hungary, Russia, the US, Singapore and Hong Kong, including both established global players (migme) and seed-stage startups with sizable user bases in their home countries. Demo Day will take place on March 7 in Taipei and March 9 in Singapore, and both events will be streaming live.

“Southeast Asia is rapidly emerging as the most active hub for Android smartphones with a vibrant and engaged user base. Add India to the mix and the numbers become astronomical,” says Apu Kumar, CEO and co-founder of LotaData, a startup company in the graduating batch. Prior to LotaData, Kumar held senior leadership roles at leading technology brands like Hewlett Packard, and BlueStacks.

“The first billion internet users entered the internet space using their PCs, but the last four billion users — specifically Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America — will be mobile only,” says William Bao Bean, Managing Director of MOX. “We aim to bring best in breed mobile apps from mature markets to the next four billion smartphone users that most need them.”

During MOX’s three-month program, participating startups gain one-on-one mentoring from leading mobile industry experts. Following a lean, data-driven approach, MOX helps the startups localize, test, and fine-tune their apps, services and platforms to more than 130 million smartphone users globally.

“Our competitive advantage is MOX,” says Srini Koppolu, ex-MD of Microsoft India who is now CEO of Veooz in the batch. “User acquisition is becoming very expensive for early stage startups. At MOX instead, we get free push promotion to millions of users in the emerging markets.”

MOX is the “Mobile-Only Accelerator” of SOSV, a US$300M venture fund known for its industry specific accelerators including IndieBio and RebelBio for biotech (San Francisco, Cork), HAX and HAX Boost for hardware (Shenzhen, San Francisco), Chinaccelerator for Internet (Shanghai), and Urban-X for smart cities and Food-X for food tech (NYC). Via strategic partnerships in the mobile industry, MOX maintains a competitive advantage that allows immediate penetration into emerging mobile markets.

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Agenda – Tuesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 9

 13:00 – 14:00   Reception & Registration

14:00 – 15:30   Pitch

15:30 – 18:00   Networking


Meet the Startups



ELSA, which stands for English Language Speech Assistant, is an artificial intelligence mobile application that functions as a personal coach to help English learners around the world speak English more correctly and confidently.




Eristica is the Global Challenge Network. A simple mobile app that allows you to challenge anyone and everyone around the world in a single tap and watch millions of hilarious video proofs.



Everyday People

Everyday People app is a social media marketing tool for the masses. Our intention is to enable everyone with a social media account to monetize from it.




Fantasee is a mobile game provider that lets users participate in various fantasy sport leagues, with main markets in Asia and Eastern Europe. Focused on India, FunCricket is Fantasee’s initial launch and allows players to manage their dream team and compete with others.




Mfoto is a multi-media social app that documents your life using the language of film. It easily turns a regular photo or video into movie-like ones, letting you be the director of your life.




LotaData tells you “where your users are in the real world, what is on their minds, and what they might do next.” Their AI-based mobile location analytics platform provides “People Intelligence” as a service for marketers, app developers, connected cars and smart cities.




migme is a global digital media company focused on emerging markets. Our apps deliver social entertainment services through our portfolio brands migme, LoveByte, alivenotdead and Sold.




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