We help global apps acquire mobile-first, mobile-only users in the world’s emerging markets at ZERO acquisition cost

MOX the Mobile Only Accelerator helps the best mobile startups from around the world acquire millions of users in mobile-first, mobile-only markets i.e. SE Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. MOX has 150+ million users on its smartphone platform and offers free user acquisition and investment in return for equity and revenue share.  The strategic partnership kicks off with a three month accelerator program and includes 250-500k new users to optimize retention and monetization. Based in Taipei, MOX is operated by SOSV – the Accelerator VC – a venture fund with $300M AUM operating eight global accelerators.

Only Mobile.


  • Once a fit is validated, MOX participants will each benefit from free push promotion to millions of users in emerging markets around the world.
  • Using our partnered SDK payment platform, participants gain mass distribution, optimization and retain 60% of all net revenue generated on the platform. In this way, companies gain not only a distribution partner but a guaranteed path to monetization.


  • After enabling our partner’s SDK, participants will first be pushed to iterate their product for targeted markets utilizing small sample tests of real user data.
  • By engaging with target users in real-time early on, MOX participants get immediate feedback and realize faster pivot cycles relative to competitors on app stores with lengthy setup processes.
  • MOX participants utilize real data to find product market fit in a fraction of the time.


  • The standard MOX deal requires applicants to give up 6% common stock.
  • In exchange, participants receive an optional US$30k convertible note and have the opportunity to attend an 8-week intensive mobile development program in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • While there, teams will gain mentorship from leading mobile industry experts, serial entrepreneurs and investors, as well as a strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading android rom distributors.