We help global apps acquire mobile-first, mobile-only users in the world’s emerging markets at ZERO acquisition cost

MOX — the Mobile Only Accelerator — helps the best mobile startups from around the world acquire millions of users in Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe and South America. MOX brings free user acquisition to the 167 million users on its smartphone platform and investment in return for revenue share and equity.  The strategic partnership kicks off with an accelerator program where MOX provides free users to localize the app and optimize retention and monetization market by market. The first global accelerator in Taiwan, MOX is operated by SOSV – the Accelerator VC – a venture fund over $550M assets under management investing through seven accelerators in startups from around the world by industry vertical in Internet, Hardware, Biotech and Food.

Only Mobile.



(1) Tech Integration

  • Analytics and attribution
  • MOX Geo tracking
  • Target market payment system

(2) Optimization

  • Test users for apps to optimize in each market
  • Growth hacking week in Taiwan
  • Market entry expertise
  • Localization expertise

(3) Promotion

  • Expand into markets through MOX’s network of promotion partners including
    • OEMs
    • Telcos
    • App Stores
    • Ad Networks
    • Mobile content providers

(+1) Investment

  • Taipei, Taiwan
    • Pitch coaching
    • Deck building/branding
    • How to talk to investors
  • Market entry training and pitching road shows in South East Asia
  • Mentorship (Experts in residence, mentors, alumni)
  • 2 Demo Days (Taiwan + Singapore)


Our fund SOSV takes 6% common equity through a Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA) and invests through a convertible instrument with a cap and 20% discount called an Accelerator Contract for Equity (ACE) similar to a SAFE. Of the USD 100K investment, USD 55K is cash and USD 45K is the program cost which we pay on the start-up’s behalf to the accelerator. If your company has or sets up a Taiwan entity, we can add up to another USD 40K investment in the convertible pending an approval process.