Andreas A. KimSenior International Executive at Lectra

Andreas A Kim

Andreas A. Kim

Senior International Executive at Lectra

Andreas A. Kim is a senior international executive with a consistent record of delivering results, accomplishment, and promotion to higher levels of responsibility. He was most recently the Managing Director and President of Greater China for a leading French information technology and business solution company, Lectra, reporting to the CEO.

Based at Shanghai, China, his main mission was to reinforce the company’s position as the undisputed leader in all its market sectors in Greater China (and Japan between 2010-2012)—including fashion, automotive, furniture, and a wide variety of other industries.

Andreas Kim has over 32 years working experience in engineering, marketing, sales,services, business development, and strategy, developing international businesses in the U.S and across the globe. He has successfully held past positions such as SVP for Marketing and Services for Asia, VP of Marketing for Asia and Americas, Director of Sales Operations, Director of Distribution Sales, Senior Manager of Partner Programs, Product Marketing Manager, Lead SW Engineer, among others. Prior to joining Lectra,

Andreas Kim worked in such large global companies as Texas Instruments, Sun Microsystems, and Tektronix, as well as in market-leading start-up, such as WebTrends.

Andreas Kim has lived and worked in Asia for over 19 years of adult life combined, and, as a Korean-born U.S. citizen, grew up with both western and eastern cultures, allowing him to successfully navigate global business relationships. For the past 14 years, he has lived and work in Shanghai China building up an extensive network of business and personal relationships. He is proficient in Chinese at HSK Level 4 and fluent in English and Korean.

Andreas Kim holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from top American universities.

Favorite quote:  “Change is the only constant in life.” —Heraclitus, the pre-Socractic Greek philosopher