“MOX is brilliant. It is one of the best programs that I came across. I have seen other founders struggle to get the right benefit in other programs. On the other hand, the MOX team is very hands-on and ready to help all the time. They even help in execution. I could not have found a better partner in the world.”
Sumit Sinha, Phable

MOX is a deeply resourced program for cross-border startups. We’re a part of SOSV, a multi-stage venture capital firm with US$970 million AUM.

Notable alumni include video publisher network Flickstree, which powers video content for Samsung and Xiaomi; AI English pronunciation assistant ELSA, the first investment in Asia by Google’s Gradient Ventures; and health-tech company Phable, India’s largest connected care ecosystem. 


Business development through our network of 40 global corporations
Customer acquisition through our global ecosystem totaling 102M consumers
Analytics-driven growth strategy
Platform support for PR, talent recruitment, and design
Mentorship from 500 industry leaders
$150,000 in seed funding for each company

“The MOX team has given us a lot of insight in terms of simplifying and breaking down the communication so that you can be well understood by the investors. This same philosophy can be applied to all communication – be it with customers or business partners.”
Deepak A Saraf, Zotezo

“MOX gave us mentorship we could never find somewhere else. The lifelong network of other founders in the programs is incredibly invaluable.”
Pichaya Jomsiriwatana, NATBAY

william bao bean
William Bao Bean
Jenne Wong MOX
Jenne Wong
TR Harrington


SOSV is a multi-stage global venture capital investor with US$1 billion in AUM. We run multiple world-class startup development programs, and provide seed, venture and growth-stage follow-on investment into superstar companies. Our unique full-stack model has delivered a net IRR over the last 20 years that puts us in the top 10% of all venture funds worldwide.


what are your investment terms?

Our fund SOSV takes 6% common equity through a Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA) and invests through a convertible instrument with a cap and 20% discount called an Accelerator Contract for Equity (ACE) similar to a SAFE. 

At the same time we invest approximately US$150,000, of which US$45K is the program cost, which we pay on the startup’s behalf to the program.

Sweet, what about perks?

Enjoy over US$2 million in perks and discounts from AWS, Google, HubSpot and many more. View all perks 

do you accept only mobile apps?

No. We accept companies serving emerging mobile-first markets such as SE Asia and India. App or no app. 

where do your startups come from?

All over the world really. Some headquarter cities: Singapore, Bangkok, New York, Moscow, Jakarta, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Seoul, etc. In India alone, our startups are headquartered in Bangalore (5), Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, New Delhi, and Kolkata.


No. We have run several successful virtual programs and love the instant access to even greater talent and investor networks. Looking forward to meeting you in person though!

How is the program structured?

Our holistic program has a modular structure that allows founders to run their companies while participating in the program. We run one-week modules such as Growth Hacking Week, Fundraising Module, and GOAT (Geeks on a Trip) in Taipei, SE Asia, or India.

Typically, companies complete all modules in 6-12 months.

how can we apply?

Click ‘Apply’ below or go to and describe your startup in 140 characters.

what's the deadline for application?

Apply when you feel ready. We process applications throughout the year but earlier applications will be given priority.

Am i a fit?

Let’s talk specifics once you’ve submitted your application. In the meantime, check out our portfolio here Good luck!