Catherina ChangFounder/Managing Director ThrivUP


Catherina Chang

Founder/Managing Director at ThrivUP

Catherina has over 25 years of experience working with global Fortune 500  multinationals. She is a seasoned executive with long history of success  leading and supporting executives across a variety of sectors in navigating  complex transformations in challenging business environments. She offers  extensive experience supporting B2B & B2C businesses in China and Africa  and overseeing multicultural teams, with professionals hailing from five  continents and 100+ nations.

She is the Founder of ThrivUP Integrated Business, Culture & Talent  Transformation Platform since 2016. Consults with business leaders to  innovate and transform business, talent and culture; achieve strategic  alignment; build agile change management capabilities; provide executive 1on1 and team coachings; and, accelerate leadership capability and capacity  for business growth. 
Previously, she worked with The Coca-Cola Company for thirteen years in greater China & Africa, and with SABMiller  for four years in Africa. Her career experience spans general management,  business operations, marketing, strategic planning & alignment, business  transformation & innovation, business processes & IT platform re-engineering & integration, organization development, culture transformation,  talent management, leadership development, change management, and  diversity management. As a Group General Manager at the Coca-Cola Bottling Operations in China, she spearheaded business transformation  for 14,000 employees resulting in doubled business value post the acquisition. Led team of 250 in partnering with 450 experts globally to jumpstart a robust  global franchise system and deliver the first global go live to 7,000 people within 7 months; the aggressive before-the-Beijing-Olympics deadline and multimillion-dollar investment made this initiative the first of its kind at Coca-Cola Company.