Using AI algorithms and proprietary machine learning, Bubbleye sorts through hundreds of millions of data points to understand the relationships between users and mobile games to optimize mobile [...]


DemystData helps unlock access to financial services for consumers by leveraging structured and unstructured data. We partner with the biggest global banks and insurers and help them acquire 20% [...]

Gift on the go!

Cross-border platform for offline and online gifts. Users can send flowers, cakes and number of e-gift vouchers through this app.


Using intuitive tools Kitcut will revolutionize the way people create, share, and enjoy memes and visual mashups. Users can translate any thought into a visual image in seconds and share with anyone.


Mybrana is the social network that uses augmented reality to easily create a more interactive and fun world. Users can add real-time effects onto people and places, creating a mixed reality that [...]


Mobile cloud based photo storage and management platform. Taggle is a smart photo gallery taking the pain out of searching and tagging photos. Tag photos with one-touch so you can find the ones [...]