Daniel FanCommunications Analyst


Daniel Fan

Communications Analyst

Daniel Fan is Communications Analyst at MOX, specializing in event projects, and Chinese Public Relations complex. He supports MOX team with event planning, and marketing campaigns.

Prior to joining MOX, Daniel was a Broadcaster & Host at National Education Radio based in Taipei, hosting the radio programs and briefing the technology news weekly. He managed three different programs at the same time about education and technological trends internationally. He was also a news anchor on campus.

With his background in Journalism, Daniel’s habit is to read various books from extensive genres. His favorite quote is from Think Again, by Adam Grant. “Influential listening is a set of skills in asking & responding. We can all get better at asking ‘truly curious questions that don’t have hidden agenda of fixing, saving, advising, convincing and correcting’ as to facilitate the clear expression of another person’s thoughts.”