Dennis FooManaging Director at Del Monte

Dennis Foo

Dennis Foo

Managing Director at Del Monte

Dennis FOO is a Business Growth Coach, Advisory Board Chair, and Strategic Advisor. He has > 25 years in the leadership and management experiences in the Greater China market with various global MNCs and brands. He is on the ground expert in creating, navigating, and building a lasting business success in China.

His present work is in helping business leaders in growing and building a sustainably and successful business for the future by developing leadership capabilities, building their cores and strategic thinking, strengthening their processes, systems and operational execution.

He has diverse experiences in dealing with operational risks, market strategies, business model changes, crisis management, key stakeholder relationships, strategic partnership, GTM strategies, M & A, corporate restructuring, leadership development and business growth planning process across China from farms to factory to government, customer and consumer. He inspires and connect the leaders to create more meaningful, and exceptional values for their businesses.

He is a Certified Business Coach from the Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches USA, a Certified Advisory Board Chair from the Advisory Board Centre Australia and a Certified Executive Coach from the ICF USA.

He is an alumnus from the Wharton Business School, Hull, and N Illinois and has also studied with various global business colleges. He is an active leader with various foreign and local business associations, and startup platforms groups in China, Hong Kong and ASEAN.  He resides in Shanghai and Hong Kong.