Donna LiVP, Media & Strategic Partnership, Tencent at THE NIELSEN COMPANY

Donna Li

Donna Li

VP, Media & Strategic Partnership, Tencent at The Nielsen Company

Donna Li is an independent angel investor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Donna currently serves as Vice President of Media & Strategic Partnership for The Nielsen Company, where she establishes business relationships with major online publishers including Tencent and WeChat.

Since 2006, Donna has led the forefront of cross border and Asia-oriented digital innovation as Marketing & Business Director at China’s foremost internet companies including Yahoo China, Alibaba Group, Taobao Marketplace, and Renren Inc. Donna has led the rebranding of Renren from former Xiaonei, laid the foundation of Alibaba Group’s monetization model through online advertising, and attracted multi-national brands to enter Taobao’s marketplace.

Donna Li has seed-funded and nurtured startups across a variety of industries spanning AI, medical imaging, fin-tech, edu-tech, retail tech, robotic navigation, co-living, and impact investing. These ventures have gained tractions at firms including Sequoia Capital and Keda Xunfei. With 14+ years of experience, Donna is a sought-after industry expert, speaker, and advisor across the United States and China.

Donna holds an EMBA in Business Management from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and serves on the China Advisory Board of the American Marketing Association.

Personal Quote: “The aim of education is no aim. It is a lifelong effort and joy. The internet has made it possible for anybody to have equal access to the best information/educational resources available, and social made the world a more friendly place.”