Elliott NgFounder-in-Residence & Partner (interim), Area 120 (Google’s startup incubator) at Google


Elliott Ng

Founder-in-Residence & Partner (interim), Area 120 (Google’s startup incubator) at Google

Elliott joined Google in 2011 with the mission of building great Product/Eng teams in Beijing/Shanghai and the hope of cracking open new opportunities in China for Google while holding to our founders’​ values. In 2012, he pivoted to focusing on growing our Display Ads products across the Asia-Pacific region, and they’ve had huge success — growing XX% YoY to a $X.XXB runrate. (sorry, #s are confidential!)

Prior to joining Google, Elliott co-founded several companies:
— UpTake Networks (online travel, semantic search, SEO), sold to Groupon in 2012
— Loyalty Matrix (retention/loyalty analytics consulting), sold to Responsys in 2006
— Netcentives (loyalty programs and virtual currency), went public in 1999 (NASDAQ:NCNT) and was acquired (in a distress sale, unfortunately) in 2001 by Cendant Corporation (NYSE:CD) and InfoUSA (NASDAQ:IUSA).

He loves working with super smart, passionate, team-oriented people. That’s why he has been sucked into working at places like Google, Intuit, McKinsey and Microsoft.

After 4 years in China and Asia-Pacific, he has returned to Google’s Mountain View HQ to work on some new projects, including some focused on our opportunity to serve the “Next Billion Users.”

His specialties include: Display Ads: performance advertising, brand response advertising, programmatic buying & RTB, DSP, Ad Exchange, yield management, ad server, audience/contextual targeting
Entrepreneurship: venture-backed start-up experience, select angel investing
Customer Acquisition: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), word of mouth, social media marketing (SMM)
Conversion: e-commerce, multi-channel marketing
Customer Engagement: Online community, loyalty & retention strategy.