Hasan BoyluRegional Product Director ASIA / Converse LT at Converse

Hasan Boylu

Hasan Boylu

Regional Product Director ASIA / Converse LT at Converse

A little bit about myself…I was born in Turkey and moved to Germany when i was in toddler age. Next to these two countries, I lived and worked in Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, and now living in Shanghai-China.

Speaking several languages and working in global operating + industry leading companies made me who i am today -> a real global experienced citizen of this world.

I am an innovator, engineer, strategists, and story teller aka marketer.

I am a passionate individual with both a high IQ and high EQ.

I am a self-starter, flexible thinker, and outstanding communicator who is comfortable to work cross-functionally and influences/ enables different personalities and perspectives.

Innovation is oxygen. I strive for lighter, faster, bigger, smarter, smaller, more efficient, more sustainable innovation. Performance meets style and creating unique consumer experiences (BM and Digital).

My personal motivation is to change this world to a better, healthier, and more safer place. Education and physical activity is key!