Jesper LodahlBusiness Owner at Jesper Lodahl IVS

Jesper Lodahl

Jesper Lodahl

Business Owner at Jesper Lodahl IVS

Jesper Lodahl is the CEO of SmarTots, the app platform that’s helping families connect through mobile devices while children combine learning and play. Through unique functionality that shares precious childhood memories in family and allows parent-child communication through learning apps, SmarTots has already impacted hundreds of thousands of families. SmarTots beat out 100 applicants from over 17 countries to win the GMIC G-Startup award in 2011, received Series A funding from Softbank’s Pan-Asia Fund in December 2012, and plans to expand its reach all throughout Asia in 2013.

Prior to SmarTots, Jesper created Nokia’s first low-cost fold phone and is the inventor of a patent on mobile technology, which has been implemented in almost a billion mobile phones. In 2006 Jesper left corporate to scratch his itch for entrepreneurship and founded his first startup, which was a high-end Chinese social networking service. Since then he has been a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and one of the mentors of China Accelerator startup program.

As the father of two young, iPad loving girls, Jesper has seen the devices’ potential to disconnect families, and strives to use SmarTots as a healthy remedy to help families connect and learn.