Joanna Von FelkerzamSVP, Global Director Analytics at Spark Foundry

Joanna Von Felkerzam

Joanna Von Felkerzam

SVP, Global Director Analytics at Spark Foundry

As a global leader in analytics, Joanna designs and leads meaningful research and data solutions that connect the dots between brand strategy and business performance.

In Joanna’s role, she has guided clients on who target for growth, and what to measure for stronger performance. She has also unlocked new human understanding by leading some of largest studies for Asia Pacific, forged new partnerships for data, and helped bring on board new data partners for clients, led market-first analytics approaches; and worked on pioneering media optimization systems, innovated on research approaches with behavioral data as the new base and mentored start-ups and new talent.

Joanna is passionate about people, tech and purposeful design. She is a humanist at heart with a ‘glocal’ mindset. She believes that sustained global scale comes from tempering global execution with the right local expression. She is constantly seeking new ways to understand people and get at the ‘next’ of meaningful people-brand value exchanges.