LotaData – Technical Program Manager, GeoSDK – Thailand


LotaData is looking to hire a rockstar technical program manager to drive the growth of our mobile GeoSDK and support the developer ecosystem as they adopt our new GeoPush service. You can learn more about our SDK and related services here: https://docs.lotadata.com/

Core responsibilities

  • The technical program manager would need to work with our developer clients throughout Asia-PAC to guide them through the integration process for our GeoSDK, engage in weekly calls, issue triage, and manage escalations.
  • The TPM will have two primary KPIs: (a) average ticket resolution time, and (b) the number of net new apps added per quarter.
  • The TPM would also organize local and regional meet-ups in partnership with the sale/bd team, and represent the company at industry events.

Technical qualifications

  • The technical program manager would need to have prior hands-on experience with integrating Android SDKs (analytics, advertising, attribution, other).



  • Bangkok, Thailand