Max ValverdeCEO at FareHarbour

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Max Valverde

CEO at FareHarbour

Max Valverde is the CEO of the SaaS company FareHarbor, the largest online booking software for tours and activities in the world. Max joined FareHarbor in its second year in 2014 when it was exclusively in Hawaii, had a few employees, and around $20k in transactions running through the platform. Max began the scale up and started the sales in Needham, MA amidst a sea of over 100 competing software solutions. Through traditional yet unconventional sales methods Max helped grow FareHarbor to be the largest in the world. He also helped manage the sale of FareHarbor to in 2018 as FareHarbor’s COO at the time. Max was also on Shark Tank for the product Morninghead that launched on Kickstarter in 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University. He lives in Amsterdam with his wife and three children.

Favourite Quote: ” When you run with the elephants, there are the fast, and there are the dead.” – Mark Cuban said this to me in an email when we were discussing FareHarbor.