Nevo AlvaCo-founder at Visualead (acq. Alibaba)


Nevo Alva

Co-founder at Visualead (acq. Alibaba)

Nevo is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Visualead, an Israel-China based company which is focused on the research, development and enablement of IOT technologies that transform a presence into an engaging and secure touch point between consumers, manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and brands. Visualead is the winner of the GMIC G-Startup competition (Beijing 2013) and is backed by Alibaba Group since 2015.

Nevo was one of the first internet-entrepreneurs that relocated to China on early 2014, started with no employees, office or funding in China and yet managed to build a local team, partner up with the largest social networks in China and sign strategic partnership and investment from Alibaba.

Previously, Nevo has participated in several other startups and served as an officer at the Israeli air force in various managing positions. Nevo holds an MBA in Management of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Tel Aviv University.

Favorite quote: “You need the right people with you, not the best people.” –Jack Ma