New MOX 3+1 Program

MOX is helping international startups go global with our new 3+1 program, beginning with the upcoming Batch 5. Read below for the details on our program, and how we help you acquire new users for free in some of the hottest emerging mobile markets in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, India and South America.

Our program, conducted on a rolling basis, consists of tech integration, optimization, promotion, and fundraising. In order to help startups access emerging mobile-first, mobile-only markets, we give startups in our program free access to the MOX platform. This has access to over 160million Android phones over 50 countries, via 70 OEMs across 40 carriers, 200 ODMs, and seven CI platforms. Over the course of this program, based in Taiwan, we also host weekly happy hours – community talks for Taipei’s international tech startup community where we serve free drinks and food.

The Program

1. Tech Integration

Off-site, you integrate your app to our platform, allowing for better analytics and attribution, MOX geo tracking, and our target market payment system

2. Optimization

After integration, we test users for apps to optimize in each market and hold a growth hacking week in Taiwan. This step is repeated each time you enter a new market region to allow for better localization.

3. Promotion

Through our network of promotion partners, we help your app expand into different markets. These partners include OEMs, telcos, app stores, ad networks, and mobile content providers.

+1. Fundraising

We host an on-site CEO/founder fundraising program in Taipei twice a year, during August and February, where we provide pitch coaching, deck building and branding, as well as instruction on how to talk to investors. This is coupled with market entry training followed by pitching roadshows in Southeast Asia later. You also gain access to our mentorship network, comprised of Experts In Residence, industry leaders, and program alumni. Finally, you get a chance to pitch your app to investors during our two Demo Days, held in Taiwan and Singapore.

MOX 5 Event Schedule

7/20 MOX Friday Happy Hour @ CIT

8/3 MOX Friday Happy Hour @ CIT

8/10 MOX Friday Happy Hour @ CIT

8/17 MOX Friday Happy Hour @ CIT

8/21 MOX Batch #5 DEMO DAY @FutureWard Central, Taipei

8/23 MOX Batch #5 Happy Hour @Co, Singapore

8/24 MOX Batch #5 DEMO DAY @Working Capitol, Singapore

To register, visit and start your application. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis, so make sure to submit yours soon!