Patty TredwayBrand Manager at UNICEF China


Patty Tredway

Brand Manager at UNICEF China

Patty has 15 years experience building brand and PR programs for innovative technology companies in US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Often the first marketing hire in new regions, she takes a hands-on approach to building brand-building programs, teams and spokespeople. She’s worked across many different technologies, including Lookout, an SF-based leader in mobile security, LendingClub, the peer-to-peer lending platform and most recently Vincross, a consumer robotics company out of Beijing. Now, at UNICEF China, she leads on the organization’s brand strategy and advocacy campaigns. In all markets and for all companies, she takes pride in developing integrated campaigns that build brand equity, generate significant press coverage and deliver measurable return on investment in both the consumer and corporate sectors.

Favorite quote: “When in Rome… 入乡随俗”