Paul WuCEO at GMobi

Paul Wu

Paul Wu

CEO at GMobi

Paul Wu is the founder and CEO of Carota. Carota’s vision is to become a core supplier of connected car services between China and the rest of the world, serving various IoV application scenarios of vehicles, remote diagnostic services before serial problems occur, audio-visual entertainment platform, map navigation platform, electric vehicle battery energy management platform,ADAS automatic driving service, etc., and enter the car payment service when the time is ripe.

In the past, Paul was responsible for the network service and platform business of mobile phone chips in MediaTek. At that time, Android system did not provide customized software OTA update service for mobile phone customers. Under this opportunity, Paul found the customer’s pain point for customized service as the third-party service company, providing mobile phone customized software OTA update services for well-known mobile phone brands around the world. Later, in response to changes in the market environment, it moved into the field of IoV services and Internet of Things (IoT) data and business mid-range

Paul is quite optimistic about the prospects of cross-domain applications of OTA, because any connected services and devices in the future, from the cloud to the end, will require over-the-air (OTA) services. Carota has the ability to proactively diagnose problems with cars, as well as solutions for OTA updates of software and firmware in the middle of device operation. The future of Carota that Paul wants to build is to become the industry’s leading OTA update and remote diagnosis software service core provider.

Paul is the founder of General Mobile and the co-founder of the MOX mobile accelerator, focusing on many new projects in related industries. Paul has served as CEO of Pocketnet Tech., a mobile digital content provider, and has also served MediaTek, Hon Hai Foxconn Technology Group and Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa’s TOM Group. Paul graduated from the Department of Agricultural Economics of Taiwan University and obtained an MBA degree from RSM Rotterdam Business School in the Netherlands.

Favorite quote: “Learn from yesterday, live for today,hope for tomorrow, The important thing is not to stop questioning” – Albert Einstein