Peter HuangDivision Vice President at Abbott

Peter Huang

Peter Huang

Division Vice President at Abbott

Currently working on the strategy and commercial operations set up with startup Singapore Biotech, this is just the most recent jump in Peter’s long and varied career spent pursing different opportunities and interests.

Trained as an architect at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Peter ran his own firm in Taiwan before leaving for London Business School to pursue an MBA. His business career started with the Boston Consulting Group in Shanghai and transitioned into the corporate healthcare industry where he moved across several companies and countries eventually becoming Asia Pacific Divisional Vice President for Abbott Laboratories. In the past 20 years his experiences included starting businesses in Korea, Vietnam and IndoChina, turning around businesses in Thailand, acquiring companies in China.

Favorite quote: “They said I was the fighter who got knocked down the most, but I also got up the most.” Floyd Patterson