Pierre VialettesGlobal Head of Technology Scouting at Airbus

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Pierre Vialettes

Global Head of Technology Scouting at Airbus

Pierre Vialettes is Airbus Global Head of Technology Scouting, based in
Beijing, China.

Why Airbus? He loves aerospace and had his glider pilot license before his driver license. He’s been in Aerospace domains all his career, from his Ph.D. at ISAE-SUPAERO for the French Space agency on stratospheric balloons to his post-doc in Tsinghua University on foldable solar panels for satellites. In 2008, he’s been hired by Airbus to initiate the first R&T activities in China starting from scratch, extending to North Asia in 2013, until he created the Global Technology Scouting activity in 2017.

But what the heck is Technology Scouting? His team benefits from the network and curiosity of its 12 scouts spanning on (almost) all continents (US, China, India, Russia, Israel, and Europe) to search for new or emerging technological solutions that have the potential to make a significant impact on Airbus’s future business.

In addition to this role, Pierre is also a lecturer at Beihang University in China
and trainer for Airbus employees and Airlines on Innovation Management.

Favourite Quote: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Steve Jobs