Prasanna KumarGlobal Managing Director, Client Team at WPP


Prasanna Kumar

Global Managing Director, Client Team at WPP

Prasanna is a digital evangelist with astute commercial acumen. He is currently managing some of WPP’s largest clients as Global Managing Director and is also responsible for building the capability in e-commerce and data/technology. Prasanna lives in London and travels extensively across the globe. Some of his personal accolades include ‘We are Pioneer’ award at APAC EMMIES, ‘Business leader of the Year’ MPower Award, and multiple other awards in the field of marketing excellence.

In the recent few years, Prasanna has been engendering interest around GreenTech / TechForGood to ensure we can leverage technology not just for building our brands but also to do good for the planet.

He is an active advisor and investor in start-ups. Prasanna has given guest lectures for executives and joined as a speaker/ jury for various forums including advertising & media conferences, publisher events, start-up launchpads. He runs a professional blog on digital & technology and has a patent filed for the inventions in a similar area.

He is an adventure traveler and has visited some of the most fascinating & extraordinary places, which include a bike ride across Himalayan mountain ranges, ice fishing, husky sled & northern lights chase in Tromso, ice festival in northern China, primeval tribal villages in Yangshuo, wild moose forest in Russia, Amish village in Lancaster, Komodo dragon islands, Hadzabe & Masai village in Tanzania and most recently, the largest human congregation on earth for the Holy Dip, Kumbh in India. The list goes on, and he believes it gives him a “glimpse” of cultural diversity as well as the belief system that operates beneath and drives the world we see.

Favorite quote: “We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to” —Terri Swearingen