Product Manager Intern at Travelflan



  1. 负责协助互联网产品的规划、设计、开发以及持续改进,满足现有和预期的市场需求;
  2. 负责协助监测、整理与分析用户需求;
  3. 负责协助产品周期管理,与相关职能紧密合作,跟进产品设计、开发、上线全过程




  1. 对互联网产品有一定的认知,能完成简单的产品设计;
  2. 对工作充满激情,富于责任心,能承受工作压力;
  3. 了解产品规划、系统流程,具备较强的分析规划能力;
  4. 思路清晰,较强的表达能力,良好的跨部门沟通和协调能力,善于协调资源推动项目进展;



薪资范围:RMB 100-200/天



Product Manager Intern

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for assisting the planning, design, development and continuous improvement of Internet products to meet the existing and anticipated market demand;
  2. Assisted in monitoring, sorting out and analyzing user needs;
  3. Responsible for assisting product cycle management, working closely with related functions to follow up the whole process of product design, development and launch
  4. Responsible for assisting product testing


Job Requirements:

  1. Have a certain understanding of Internet products and be able to complete simple product design;
  2. Passionate about work, responsible and able to work under pressure;
  3. Familiar with product planning and system process, with strong analysis and planning ability;
  4. Clear thinking, strong presentation skills, good inter-departmental communication and coordination skills, good at coordinating resources to promote project progress;
  5. With experience of community organization ability, cheerful and calm personality

There is a chance of retention

Salary range: RMB 100-200 /day

Internship requirements: four days a week for three months

If you are interested, please email your CV and Cover Letter to