Python engineer at BigGo

About us

BigGo is a price comparison service based on a vertical product search engine launched in Taiwan in 2016. The company has offices in Kaohsiung and Taipei and local websites in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Italy.

BigGo was founded in 2016 by Kevin Yen and Louis Liu.

In 2017 the company graduated from MOX, the mobile only accelerator owned by the Silicon Valley-head headquartered venture capital firm SOSV.

In November 2019 BigGo completed the first close of its 5M USD Series A round at US$5M. The first closing is led by SOSV, Uni-President Group, and Kyber Capital.

About the job

  • We are now hiring 3~5  full time python engineers for global markets. BigGo is the first crossed country search engine in the world and the biggest price comparison website in southeast Asia.
  • We use the various programming languages in BigGo website, and the most important is Python.
  • Python is the ace in the hole to shorten development time and speed up the development.
  • Python is a part of our daily life.
  • You’re able to work in Kaohsiung office or Work From Home. But you should have the ability to work independently if work at home.

What Skills do I Need? 

  • Linux、Python


System Maintenance, System Integration and Analysis, Software Engineering and Development

Additional requirements (Nice to have)

  • English: Listening/Intermediate ; Speaking/Intermediate ; Reading/Intermediate ; Writing/Intermediate
  • eyValue DB / Web Programming / HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure / Golang / PHP / Lua / Lucene / TensorFlow / AWS / GCP / JavaScript


We are the most advanced search engine in the world
funmula is a company mainly with engineers, and we provide a flat workspace.

We do our best to fulfill every employee’s need.
comfortable working environment and flexible working time.
We hope to hire the best talents to join us.

If you do not have working experience, for fear of letting your application fall on the deaf ears, please attach your code or Gitlab/Github with your CV for us to know more about you.

Apply now

send resume to E-mail

contact: Ms. Chiang


職務性質 全職 

需求⼈數 3⾄5⼈ 

職類 軟體設計⼯程師,Internet程式設計師,軟體專案主管 

職務說明 BigGo – Python 程式設計師 ⾼雄 / Work From Home 

BigGo是全球第⼀間跨境的商品搜尋引擎,是東南亞最⼤的⽐價服務網站。我們正在為全球市場招募Python ⼯程師。 BigGo ⽤了數⼗種不同的程式語⾔再各種地⽅,但是最重要的就是 Python。 

Python 是我們縮短開發時間最佳利器,也是我們之所以能夠快速開發的祕密武器。 

Python 是我們⽇常⽣活的⼀環。 


Python 程式設計 


Funmula 是⼀個以⼯程師為主的公司,我們提供⼀個扁平化的職場。 



對了,如果你沒有經歷,為了避免履歷⽯沉⼤海。請給我們⼀個機會讓我們多瞭解你⼀點,⿇煩附上程式碼或Gitlab/Github。 ⼯作待遇 ⽉薪 30,000元 ~ 60,000元   市場薪資 

上班地點 ⾼雄市⿎⼭區中華⼀路828號13樓  

管理責任 不需負擔管理責任 

出差外派 無需出差 

上班時段 ⽇班 

休假制度 週休⼆⽇ 

可上班⽇ 不限 


接受⾝份 上班族 、 應屆畢業⽣ 、 外籍⼈⼠ 、 ⼆度就業 

⼯作經驗 不拘 

學歷要求 ⼤學以上 

語⽂條件 英⽂(聽:中等、說:中等、讀:中等、寫:中等) 

擅⻑⼯具 Linux 



系統維護操作 ,系統整合分析 ,軟體⼯程系統開發 

證照 未填寫 

具備駕照 未填寫 

其他條件 加分項⽬:

KeyValue DB / 網路程式設計 / HTTP協定 

Golang / PHP / Lua 

Lucene / TensorFlow 




職務聯絡⼈ 江⼩姐

If you are interested, please email your CV and Cover Letter to