Rich BishopCo-founder and CEO of AppInChina

Rich Bishop

Rich Bishop

Co-founder and CEO of AppInChina

Rich Bishop is the Co-founder and CEO of AppInChina, created  to streamline access to the world’s biggest market of 1.4+ billion Chinese mobile users for app and game publishers, big and small. AppInChina has since grown to offer a robust suite of services a company needs to succeed in China, such as localization, monetization, user acquisition, hosting, legal compliance, game licensing, e-commerce, customer service, social media marketing, and more. Its clients include Speedtest, The Economist, Suunto, Adblock, and Withings.

Rich founded his first company, an e-commerce business called Beijing Home Delivery in 2008, and has since founded AppInChina and Manning Real Estate. Manning Real Estate is a property company that refurbishes and sublets office buildings in Beijing. Rich also leads the Beijing Entrepreneurs Community, a community of 2,500 entrepreneurs who meet up regularly to share ideas and help each other with their startups.

Rich is from the UK and has been based in Beijing for 11 years. He studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Durham University and Mandarin Chinese at Peking University.