Rudy WimmerManaging Partner & Innovator, CBi China Bridge


Rudy Wimmer

Managing Partner & Innovator, CBi China Bridge

Rudy is striving to empower people, businesses and himself to reach a higher level of success while maintaining balance by doing what he does best with purpose.

Daily, he is the championing leadership and the role that Design has in improving the lives of people, overall society and businesses. Constantly he looks for challenges that he can emotionally leverage his past experiences with those of others to create positive and real IMPACT.

Today, he is leading a fantastic team, growing a world-class innovation strategy and insights firm in China called CBi China Bridge. An amazing organization that is working with leading companies to gain a competitive advantages in China through insight-based innovation. Targeting opportunities and shaping new services, products and brands to be “China Fit” for this market,

– Ongoing Mentoring @ China Accelerator
– Honorary Knight, Belgian Brewers Association
– Advisory Board & Co-Founder for SuccessfulDesign.Org
– Consultant and Speaker on Innovation & Leadership in China

His specialties are:

• Seeing Opportunities
• Creating Solutions
• Developing Relationships
• Designing Starting Ups
• Facilitation & Team Development
• Strategic Innovation
• Using my D-Brain and my B-Brain
• Service Dominant Logic
• Combining A Lean + User Centered Approach