Samuel DoeFounder at Titan Accelerator, Chairman at 26° Latitude Ventures


Samuel Doe

Founder at Titan Accelerator, Chairman at 26° Latitude Ventures


Samuel Doe is a serial entrepreneur with over 28 years’ of experience across various industries such as: video games/software development, mobile, internet, social media, digital vending, maritime, and automotive.

He specializes in developing and bringing to market early stage startups and scale-ups – with a strong focus on monetization. He has successfully founded and sold 4 of his startups in the USA.

Samuel’s area of expertise offers a unique blend of the following: executive acumen, application architecture and infrastructure, managing multicultural/multi-site development environments; implementing a standardization of processes, procedures, and methodologies to ensure consistent quality output and secure business objectives.

Samuel has personally worked with: Intel, HP, Microsoft, Symantec, Google, Yahoo, Excite, EA, Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Midway, Activision, Hasbro, Mattel, Vivendi Universal, Digital Domain, Lucas Arts, Dream Works, Samsung, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Westfield Group, Simon Group; as well as other reputable technological organizations.

Perhaps as a result of his extensive and varied career, Samuel believes strongly in ‘giving back’ to the business community. This is well illustrated by the networking group ‘Asia Entrepreneur Networking’, which he founded 3 years ago – to engage and assist aspiring entrepreneurs. Within this group Samuel insists on a ‘pay-it-forward’ attitude through sharing knowledge, experiences, mentoring, and generally encouraging businesses to connect. He does this essentially because he places a value on helping others succeed in an immensely competitive industry.

Within China Accelerator, Samuel is available for: mentoring, advisory board/ senior executive positions, technical due diligences and digital strategies.

Samuel holds degrees in: Computer Science and Information Systems, Architecture; and has an MBA in International Business.

Favorite quote: “Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.” —James Bertrand