Sean O’SullivanManaging Director at SOSV

Sean O'Sullivan

Sean O'Sullivan

Managing Director at SOSV

Entrepreneur, venture capitalist. Sean O’Sullivan is managing director of SOSV International, an investment management operation with returns above 30% over the past 15 years. Sean has invested in over 100 companies, six of which became public companies or divisions of public companies listed on the Nasdaq or NYSE.

In 1985, upon graduation from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he founded MapInfo which became a $200 million public company with over 1,000 employees worldwide. His first internet company, NetCentric, pioneered many concepts in internet computing, and he has been recognised to have co-coined the term “cloud computing”. A major promoter of global economic and social development, he founded JumpStart International a leading humanitarian engineering group based in Baghdad and operating throughout Iraq during the post-war period of 2003-2006. An advocate of STEM education, he has funded organizations such as the Khan Academy and CoderDojo, where he sits on the board of directors of CodeAcademy.

Sean O’Sullivan is also co-founder and managing director of Carma. Carma is a 30 person technology firm with offices in Ireland and the United States. The company is a world leading company in efficient mobility, adding cars and vans to the public transport network. Co-creator (with George Favaloro of Compaq Computer) of the term “cloud computing” in 1996. Co-founder (with Cyril Ebersweiler of SOSV) of the first seed-funding accelerator program in China (Chinaccelerator, January 2010), and the first operational seed-funding hardware accelerator program (HAX, Shenzhen, January 2012). Currently the Managing Director of Avego Ltd, a US/Ireland/China-based operation to enable transport efficiency.