Shlomo FreundFounder at Free Financial Self

Shlomo Freund

Shlomo Freund

Founder at Free Financial Self

Shlomo is the founder of “Startup Noodle”, a platform which aims to create a helpful & supportive community for entrepreneurs in China, or those coming to China to build their startup. As a way to build a better platform he joined as the organizer and main host of the Lean Startup Meetup Group, managing and leading monthly talks by industry experts and events, helping to grow the entrepreneurial community in Beijing.

His interest in mobile marketing led him to create the service AppInChina, opening the Chinese Android app markets for foreign companies. His mobile app experience also includes joining as the Business Development Director for ikuramedia, an Ikura Group Ltd. Company focused on delivering high-quality Mobile Apps to B2C enterprises. Prior to arriving to China he was involved in several startups in Israel, and even worked for a few real companies.

He received a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Jerusalem College of Technology in 2001. An entrepreneur since 2004 and originally from Israel, Shlomo loves outdoor activities, in particular traveling and trekking.