Bay McLaughlinCo-Founder,

San Francisco and New York based advisor, consultant, and coach, Bay McLaughlin (@BetaBay) supports clients across his life’s many passions: health and wellness, surfing, travel, education, and entertainment.

Bay helps companies grow by focusing on the deeply human aspects of every market, founder, and employee. Bay believes that in order to achieve repeatable, sustainable, and predictable growth, that he must help the individuals in his businesses grow in lockstep with their company.

Bay’s clients have experienced substantial growth while working with him and have received accolades and press including:

AnyRoad, Fortune Magazine’s Startup Idol, Winner
Coursefork / @TrinketApp, Triangle StartupWknd, Winner
The_Intertia, USC New Seed Venture Competition, Winner
French_Press, Cannés Film Festival, Multiple Selections
BasicTrainingSF, 2013 Best of the Bay, San Francisco Magazine, Winner
Bay teaches courses focused on personal and professional growth, ranging from how to find and utilize mentors and advisors to how to lead yourself first (LYF) for various companies, including GeneralAssembly, CreativeLIVE, The Thiel Foundation’s ’20 Under 20′, and UnCollege’s ‘Hackademics’.

His favourite quote is: “I believe that our work should be personal, transparent, and seamlessly interwoven with our personal lives leading to more relevant businesses, more fulfilling lives, and ultimately a better world.”

Based in Hong Kong.