Timothy LiFinTech CEO, Faculty at USC, Forbes Tech Council


Timothy Li

FinTech CEO, Faculty at USC, Forbes Tech Council

Timothy has been working in FinTech and Marketplace Lending industry for the past decade. He has launched various marketplace lending platforms and held c-level positions at RealtyMogul.comloanDepot.com, Quick Bridge Funding, Think Finance and JPMorgan Chase.

Timothy also co-founded LendFoundry.com, KuberFinancial.com MaxDecision.com. 

He also sits on various advisory boards such as Ziero Finance, Solar Mosaic, Blinker Inc., Docitt and CreditExchange.in.

Timothy holds various degrees from Harvard Business School, University of Southern California and San Jose State University.

Favorite quote: “Innovation is rewarded, execution is worshipped.” -Dan Gilbert, CEO of QuickenLoans.com