Todd BryanManaging Partner at Velotech Strategy

Todd Bryan at SRK Headshot Day

Todd Bryan

Managing Partner at Velotech Strategy

I bring over 20 years of strategy, “full-stack” technology, and business building experience. – Strategy Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco and SE Asia; independent consultant in Beijing and Hong Kong; – Technology: spanning the full breadth from network equipment, services, application software, end-point devices, to components, gained through experience as a strategy consultant, equity analyst, and corporate strategy executive with global leaders such as Cisco Systems, Adobe, and Philips; – Track record of successful acquisition and partnership development, identifying opportunities, assessing options to fill strategic, operational, and market gaps, and guiding execution throughout the organization; BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MS from the University of California at Berkeley, (National Science Foundation scholarship), MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Level 1 Executive Coaching certification from IECL.

Favorite quote: Courage is the readiness to take upon ones’ self negatives, anticipated by fear, for the sake of a fuller positivity – Paul Tillich