William SchwartzPrincipal Strategy Consultant & CEO at Root Communications LLC


William Schwartz

Principal Strategy Consultant & CEO, Root Communications LLC


William is a consultant, strategist, and CEO at Root Communications, a boutique PR agency based in New York City. The agency focuses on helping high-growth technology companies from the Asia-Pacific region fully leverage the North American and global media market to reach their goals.

William began his work in public relations by helping municipal utilities and government agencies around the US, from San Francisco to Washington DC to launch digital public engagement campaigns. Since then he has worked with numerous technology firms, investors and social entrepreneurs both in-house and on the agency side to help tell their stories.

William is currently an advisor at Cornell Tech as well as Born2Global, a Korean government agency that helps startups go global. He spends his time between New York City and Asia.

Favorite quote: “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” Robertson Davies