Yiannis AlexopoulosChief Growth Officer at Next Games


Yiannis Alexopoulos

Chief Growth Officer at Next Games

Condensed to what the startups will need to know with what you want out there on the web.10+ years of experience in mobile marketing, business growth and transformations and business development in mobile gaming, mobile advertising, consulting and legal, in Europe, Asia and the US.

Extensive experience building, managing and leading top-performing, high-impact teams and operations in growth, marketing, user acquisition and growth analytics.

Holding an MBA degree from the Boston University Questrom School of Business (with concentrations in Leadership & Organizational Transformation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship) and a Law degree from the University of Athens Law School.

Advisor on marketing strategy and business growth, guest speaker (universities, conferences etc.).

A firm believer that performance is a way of thinking and operating that is optimally driven when combining both data-driven and creative strategies.

Favourite Quote: “Improve is to change. Perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill