YUNA & CO. Collaborates with Non-Profit Movement Lipstick for Difabled (LUD): Encouraging Women with Disabilities to Break the Limits and Be More Confident

Jakarta, 5th January 2020 – Yuna & Co., Indonesia’s first personal styling platform powered by machine-learning technology, today announced its latest collaboration with the non-profit movement, Lipstick Untuk Difabel (LUD). The collaboration aims to encourage Indonesian women to unleash their utmost potential, break the limits, and live life with confidence.

As a form of support for LUD, Yuna & Co. provides personal styling services and fashion items for 6 models with disabilities at LUD’s latest photo shoot. Yuna & Co. also produces content about LUD, which will be published in the company’s digital channels and all its media partners. This collaboration is also supported by well-known local designer brands in Indonesia, who are partners of Yuna & Co., including: Figure, Le Bijou, Clouwny, Senora, Elgra, Cloxvox, Ramune, Jauw Active, Bearnice, Square The Label and Mava.

“As a difabled woman, I notice that fashion needs of people with disabilities are often sidelined, because many think that we are not worthy of looking attractive. Looking at the vision and mission of Yuna & Co., I feel they can help women with disabilities to find their best style of clothing. Aside from make-up, the right outfits definitely could increase the level of confidence among women,” said Laninka Siamiyono, Founder of Lipstick Untuk Difabel (LUD).

The LUD movement, which was started by Laninka in July 2018, initially attempted to encourage women with disabilities to be more confident through make-up. LUD regularly hands over donations to disabled women by collecting lipsticks from fellow women across Indonesia. Within two years, LUD has developed into an inclusive community that brings together difabled and non-difabled women to encourage each other, share information, and care for one another.

“I personally feel LUD is an extraordinary movement. At Yuna & Co, our mission is to bring happiness and confidence to every life moment of Indonesian women through personal styling, and LUD is the embodiment of that mission,” said Winzendy Tedja, Founder & CEO of Yuna & Co.

Based on the 2018 National Socio-Economic Survey, it is estimated that 14.2% of Indonesia’s population has a disability – or around 30.38 million people. In all over the world, WHO estimates there are 1 billion people or 15% of the total global population who have disabilities. People with disabilities tend to face greater challenges to be able to actively participate in social life. This occurs due to lack of access, limited communication methods, discrimination, and the negative stigma that persists.

“We hope the collaboration with LUD can spread public awareness and concern about the importance of equal access for people with disabilities. In accordance with the origin of the word, diffable comes from the word differently-abled. They have the same potential, abilities, and tenacity as all other women and humans. Physical limitations should not prevent them from continuing to work, love themselves, and go beyond the boundaries, ” Winzendy added.


About Yuna & Co.

Yuna & Co. is the first personal styling platform in Indonesia that uses machine learning to help every woman find a style that fits their preferences, character and body size. Founded in 2017, Yuna & Co. has helped more than 10,000 Indonesian women to appear more confident according to their respective characters and styles.